Ozone Meters

Digital Ozone Meters are not expensive.

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Ozone Meters from Ozone Solutions:

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Digital Ambient Ozone Meters

  • easy to use
  • portable or stationary
  • continuous monitoring
  • large selection (over 20 products)

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Ambient Ozone Badges

  • easy to use
  • up to five tests per card
  • responds to ozone quickly
  • clip on to clothing or equipment

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Electronic Dissolved Ozone Meters

  • various ranges of detection
  • high or low pressure
  • display ozone level and water temperature
  • easy-to-read displays

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K-7402: KIT DISCONTINUED (Refills still available for order)

  • low cost (less than $75)
  • simple use
  • easily distinguishable colors
  • 30 tests in one kit

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Dissolved Ozone Vacuvials

Ultra-Violet (UV) Ozone Analyzers

  • measure ozone in air or dissolved in water (aqueous solution)
  • extremely high accuracy (low resolution)
  • wide range of detection
  • data logging

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Looking For Other Ozone Equipment?

Full Line of Ozone Equipment

We also sell ozone monitors, analyzers, generators, destruct units, turnkey and injection systems, and compatible materials.

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